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18 definitions by random832

Someone who can consistently solve a rubik's cube.
Some whiner complained that speedcuber contained a link to the above definition when that's not what it meant in context - why not add the definition you want instead of complaining?
by Random832 January 05, 2005
15 4
12 channels, 6 MHz wide each, in two ranges between 55.25 and 89.25 MHz (channels 2-6) and 175.25 to 217.25 (channels 7-13). used for carrying analog television signals
you can always get channel 6 on the radio because VHF 6 overlaps with the FM band
by Random832 November 01, 2003
26 15
Abbreviation for "copyright violation" - commonly used on wikipedia.
copyvio is a serious problem and reason for immediate article deletion
by Random832 March 15, 2005
19 9
To cause to become, or to become, infrared in color.
Remote control manufacturers typically infrare their LEDs before shipping
by Random832 February 11, 2005
9 3
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
It's self-explanatory - if someone has a definition with a better example delete this one, i guess.
by Random832 December 20, 2004
7 3
The little pattern of (most often) yellow circles on Euro, US$20, and other banknotes, which act as an instruction for color copiers and adobe photoshop CS to fail.
Someone should make a necktie or t-shirt with Eurion on it so people can't take pictures of it.
by Random832 June 06, 2004
4 2
in the range of
that computer will set you back to the tune of three thousand dollars
by Random832 November 01, 2003
2 2