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5 definitions by random thoughts

a butt pluggin, rug munchin, ass hole son of a biatch.

or toilet paper
oo that ass wipe needs to go to a gay convention

who was the asswipe that didn't leave any asswipes in here?
by random thoughts August 16, 2003
252 101
I feel like I was kicked in the Croners by my client.

I was so scared, my Croners practically jumped into my throat!

I put a big pad on the gas tank of my Ducati to protect the ol' Croners.
by random thoughts May 11, 2005
3 2
The "Specialist" way of getting things done.
There is the right way, wrong way and the Specialistic way of doing things.
by random thoughts May 11, 2005
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The Mobile Crime Scene is usually a dilapidated RV that runs well enough to move its tweaker occupants to various locations around town. RV's are preferred since their classification as a "home" makes search warrants more difficult to obtain. The term can also apply to creepy cargo vans or other vehicles that look to be used for nefarious purposes.
If something smells funny in the neghborhood you should check if the tweakers have set up a Mobile Crime Scene and started cooking up meth.
by random thoughts May 24, 2012
0 1
the reason a guy would fadunk(see fadunk)a slut(see slut)
this girl gave me a head job last night and i got kinky and fadunked her
by random thoughts August 14, 2003
42 79