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The acronym for "Short Term Marijuana Memory Loss." When someone, generally a "stoner" forgets what they're talking about in the middle of a conversation.
"We were watching this TV show and ... ah shit!, 'STMML,' I forgot the point I was trying to make."
by ralph July 22, 2004
The most mundane form of higher ups specifically "brass". People with control over you and your destiny due to policy and enforcement of policy and rules and regulations.
I don't like to work during the day, there are too many Hall Walkers.

Stay away from the main office during the day, there are too many hall walkers, you are gonna get jammed up.
by Ralph May 01, 2004
Web weaver of tall tales. One who claims to be an expert in power generation, web hosting and XJ fuel economy.

See also: turd dillhole
Never trust your website to zmoz.
by Ralph December 29, 2004
When you fart with a girl in your bed and keep her trapped under the sheets.
3:00AM- "Russian Microwave!!!"
by Ralph March 01, 2005
\FAH-lews\ noun
1 : large balls of dust or small bits of assorted floor garbage generally found under furniture or along baseboards.
"The house was pretty but they had faloose everywhere."
by ralph July 22, 2004
A person, or Kooter, having nymphomaniac tendencies.
That Guila girl is one crazy kooter-cat!
by Ralph July 01, 2003
it's a big ol' douchebag
you are a batchweezer
by ralph November 18, 2004

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