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5 definitions by rab

scottish slang for testicles
he was booted in the baws
by rab August 20, 2003
385 233
anal sex so extreme it results in the rectal passage falling to pieces
jerry springer: today we're gonna meet someone who experienced rectal annihilation
bill cosby: it's true, theo reamed me and i've been confined to a wheelchair ever since
by rab September 25, 2007
12 2
A useful combination of crap and happenning, mainly used in the workplace.
What's crappenning?
by RAB June 07, 2004
4 5
the man who made the idiots above this jealous
by rab August 20, 2003
94 106
Variation of drunk, pissed, pished, rat arsed, bladdered, blootered, arseholed.
"Last night I was fuckin' mingin'!"
by Rab January 15, 2005
25 86