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1 definition by r2ster

The basic term fat hot or ‘FH’ for short is a girl with over grown tits, solid thighs, firm skin, who generally has a flattish stomach and if skinny would be considered highly attractive. A fat hot at some time or another has either naturally became a FH or she has had a healthy appetite and eaten the right food groups to increase fat hot qualities.
Most guys in their younger years (less than 25) shy away from admitting they are a FH fan and generally lie and say they were sideways and accidently put away a fatty. The big appeal however is that most have a tight pussy - mainly due to fat restricting their vagina’s tubular tract. When humping they are very comfy rides, supported by the wide thighs and hips. Then a lot of fun can be had playing with the enormous warlocks bouncing around as you pound her. It is also commonly acceptable to talk to a FH’s melons instead of her face and motorboat them at will.
Frayz: Bro just walking back from the store and saw a sweet fat hot walking toward me.
Roots: Ah man we defo have to find the source in the weekend
Frayz: Yeah think i'm still a bit mesmerised by her udder ripple
by r2ster May 30, 2012