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a member of the sexy, rambunctious group Pretty Rickywhich also consists of Spectacular,Pleasure and Baby Blue. Better known as Slick 'Em Hound. He's the wild man of the group.
Tripple X-rated, Call me Slick 'Em Hound. I get that body wet and then I lick 'em down.
by queen_bee August 23, 2006
1. nickname similar to playboy, playa, stud, pimp, etc.

2. adjective similar to fresh, clean, tight, gangsta etc.
1. you dont wanna mess wit me, pimpin'.

2. keep it pimpin' homie!
by queen_bee August 23, 2006
drink that contains dark rum, cognac, grapefruit juice and orange juice.
get your hands off my Florida Punch!
by queen_bee August 23, 2006
alcoholic beverage hailing from Seattle, WA that contains pineapple juice, sweet and sour mix, rum, amaretto, chambord and club soda.
Shelly knows how to make a dope Rain City Punch.
by queen_bee August 23, 2006
Song on Pretty Ricky's debut albume, Bluestars. Best played whilst getting intimate with your girl.
Yeah, pimpin' got busy to that song, Juicy.
by queen_bee August 23, 2006

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