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A standard heterosexual who frequents gay establishments - enjoying the fruits of flattery and affection, but otherwise relishing in the eventual deflection of, "No thanks, I'm straight."
Last night was such a bummer, Steve. I wasted two hours and four drinks trying to get some sausage from a total hunk who turned out to be nothing but a faux mo.
by puswami May 11, 2011
the act of an animal (usually a dog) pulling itself along by its front legs (with its hind legs in the lifted front position) in order to remove excess excrement from its fuzzy little anus.
Hey Darrell, your dog's doin' a patio drag and leavin' a streak mark across your entry way.
by puswami February 03, 2010
Large, bulbous fatty deposits just below the shoulder and armpit area. Usually (but not exclusively) located on a person's back.
Darla is a whole lotta woman. I gave her a hug and found myself with a coupla handfuls of pit tits.
by puswami July 05, 2012

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