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lost in the middle of nowhere to the point of where you are truly fucked and have no hope of ever finding your way back..
we just past bumblefuck.. now we are in bumblefucked.. WHERE THE HELL ARE WE!!!???
by slayne December 29, 2004
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1.Failed to not have been fucked. 2. Having been fucked so hard that life itself seems indifferent or useless.
1. I tried to avoid pissing off the roidhead, but I was bumblefucked the minute he saw my average sized penis. 2. Bumblefucked, I fell off a cliff and was eaten by wolves while teenagers preached their ultimate wisdom for eternity.
by pungkram April 22, 2010
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When you meet up with a bumble date but he turns out to be a fuck boi
Did you hear about claires bumble date?

Yea i heard he was totally wack...

Yea he was a total fuck boi

Yea she totes got bumblefucked
by germanrodriguez22 August 11, 2016
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