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Corporate America dress code that does not apply to females as it does to males. Females can wear slutty outfits with skin tight skirts and yoga pants showing off their camel toes and g-strings and stiletto heels while the men have to wear collared shirts and leather clown shoes.
"Steve, did you see those hot new sluts in enrollment? It is so awesome we have so much turnaround in that department because we are afforded so much slutty bias casual visuals. "

"yeah...niiiice, yoga pants and thongs rule!"

"AU rules!"
by Psibri January 04, 2012
When a person has bad luck always because they are knuckleheads, but always claim to be the victim.
Man, Bethel really is going through a rough patch" "yeah, ever since he left his wife and kids for that hot slut and she dumped him, he is really feeling victimized" "yeah, he really is davictim again
by Psibri January 10, 2011
similar to the mailman going postal, but much more likely to go crazy in a very populated public place like a shopping center
A: dude, Alan just flipped out over by the store
B: yeah, he kinda looked like a mallman, good thing security was watching. nutcase headcase looney tunes berserk
by Psibri August 04, 2010
Sparing in the use of heart or soul with regards to humans. To refrain from emotion other than that which resembles a dead fish.
Tom had 16 years of sobriety, and was Swaffordized and has chosen to lead a swober life
by Psibri January 14, 2011
To walk through life with an outward appearance of one image but to live internally as a completely different person.

To judge others when you do not look at yourself and your mistakes.
"I thought Tom was a different person when we met him. He was so nice and seemed to care, but now he is a total cold and calloused a-hole"

"yeah, we all thought that but I guess he has been Swaffordized"
by Psibri January 12, 2011
When the average citizen buys into all of the crap that is being shoved down their throats by the media and the politicians
"I think the current economy is on a good path" "that's because you are in the flock of sheep that buys into the lies"

"My fellow sheep, er, I mean Americans..we are going to create jobs and give free medical care and a free car to every family when I become president"
by Psibri January 10, 2011
When politicians like President Obama tell the voters anything to get the votes
We are tired of fighting a war in the middle East, one of the first things on my agenda when I become president is to pull the troops out
by Psibri January 10, 2011

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