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A bag of slut
A bag, possibly a burlap sack, filled with sluts
nan is such a slutbag
did u c nan\'s slutbag?
by pseudopods April 26, 2005
1- synonym for hooker
2- nick name for safety pin whore
3- usually have stalkers
4- rudely correct grammar mistakes
5- sadomasochist
6- draw whips everywhere
Hey look! Whoker has another safety pin going through her skin.

Whoker: I hate school
Nan: Me too!
Whoker: No you dumbass! it\'s I too
Nan: What a Whoker
by pseudopods April 26, 2005
An alien form of the common smiley
it is the same but with 3 eyes
I've never seen a sad smilly!
Thats cuz smillies are awesome!
by pseudopods April 29, 2005
the male form of a nan
usually pierced
usually accompanied by red hair
look at betty\'s man-nan!
Yo! betty pierced his frenum on his man-nan
by pseudopods April 26, 2005
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