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the only way to end a heated debate when one person continues to repeat a lie in the hopes that the other person will believe it is true.

comes from the ST:TNG episode where Capt. Picard is captured by the Cardassians and subjected to physical and psychological torture to make him believe there are five lights instead of four in the interrogation room.
pundit: "But the GOP hasn't contributed to the national debt!"

expert: "Two unnecessary wars..."

pundit: "But the GOP hasn't contributed to the national debt!"

expert: "Increased military spending..."

pundit: "But the GOP hasn't contributed to the national debt!"

expert: "Tax breaks for the super wealthy..."

pundit: "But the GOP hasn't contributed to the national debt!"

by projectaristotle August 29, 2012
abbreviation for Masters in Douche-Baggery. Title is granted, normally in an honorary fashion, to an individual who displays a pompous attitude or pretends to know everything about everything. Also added to the end of a name, similar to other titles.
John was clearly using his MDB while working with a client the other day.

Just another lame move by John Q Public, MDB.
by projectaristotle July 16, 2009
n. slang term for coffee, tea, or any caffeinated beverage when consumed in office settings. office fuel is consumed in massive quantities when readily available, and subsequent servings are referred to as refueling.
The first person to arrive at work prepares the office fuel for everyone else.

Billy brought in a whole case of office fuel today, but I'm not sure if he will share it.
by projectaristotle August 14, 2009
of or relating to a poorly maintained and highly questionable domicile.
"I just checked into the Motel Ramahilton, and it's like Walter Reed in this bitch..."
by projectaristotle March 26, 2007
describes a cliffhanger ending to a television season. usually used by television shows in their initial season to ensure a second season is made.
man, i just saw the season finale of 'fringe' and it was a total plot tease.
by projectaristotle May 13, 2009
the result of pimping your popcorn with additional toppings, typically at the theatre or in a stadium.
Billy sprinkled sour cream & onion seasoning on his pimpcorn before heading into the theatre.
by projectaristotle June 25, 2008
A person who is stuck in an airport overnight due to flight cancellation and having nowhere to go.
All flights to Burbank were cancelled, so I ended up an airport refugee until the following day.
by projectaristotle March 20, 2011

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