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A person who is stuck in an airport overnight due to flight cancellation and having nowhere to go.
All flights to Burbank were cancelled, so I ended up an airport refugee until the following day.
by projectaristotle March 20, 2011
noun. a person who hasn't seen any episodes of a hit television series, who becomes an outcast in social and work situations since they cannot comment and the others do not want to spoil it.
Person 1: Has anyone seen Joseph?
Person 2: He's a tv outcast today since he didn't see the Breaking Bad finale last night.
by projectaristotle September 30, 2013
verbiage used by those in power when they need to make decisions that will hurt others. mostly used in internal global memos and messaging to the media.
did you hear about the involuntary time-base reductions?

i hate weaselese. they should just say layoffs.
by projectaristotle May 13, 2011
any pair of pants specifically designed for outdoor activities, such as hiking, trekking, camping, etc... usually available at recreational supply stores.
We're hiking Mt. Whitney tomorrow! Don't forget your adventure pants!
by projectaristotle July 05, 2011

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