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Korrosiv81 is a poster on The Vestibule at boards.ign.com. He is obsessed with this delusion that he holds some kind of intellectual value and that his existence is a benefit to society. When the voice of reality speaks, it tells the story of how Korrosiv81 is nothing but a pathetic moron sent here to earth to punish humanity for its sins by being so blatantly stupid that the world itself mourns for Korrosiv81's existence.
Should you see Korrosiv81, the retarded fuck-shit, kill him and be rewarded by the entire living world for the face of righteousness shall smile upon you.
by prodigy November 23, 2003
Somekind of nowhere (see popjizmo)alcohol.
Sean Paul: "Bust another bottle of moe."
by prodigy July 09, 2003

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