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Kick ass search engine that provides 100% no BS search results unlike MSN, Dogpile, or AltaVista. Also provides other bad ass features such as translations, UPDATED news, and even a shopping search portal.
I google popular web sites since I'm too lazy to type in long and pointless URL's
by PP September 27, 2003
to fuck the shit out of someone.... then fuck'em again allll night long! Buckwild Sex!
Hey Estah! Looking mighty finee!I want to tap that badonkadonk of yours and Jump your boness baby! Lets get it on.. on the count of 3.
by pp June 28, 2004
To stimulate the labia and clitoris of a woman to orgasm with a penis (erect or flaccid), yet not at any point during sex insert said penis into vagina.
"I'm on the rag, but we can p'diddle."
by PP April 29, 2002
poughkeepsie, ny

a small city in the hudson valley.

all of the people who live in the rest of the hudson valley are scared to go here cause they're from the middle of nowhere.
jon (from highland, ny)- let's go to po-town tonight.
carl (from millbrook,ny)- hell no man, i dont wanna get shot up. im a pussy.
jon - yeah you are.
carl - so are you.
jon - .....so
by pp February 18, 2005
To urinate into one's rectum during anal sex.
I wanna give her a flood in the basement.
by PP December 03, 2003
Penatrative anal sex.
"George likes Laura to booty raunch him with dildoes."
by PP April 29, 2002
uber HOT! Uber coool!
Estah!! Soooo fucking Estah!
by pp June 28, 2004

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