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one who munches upon poo possibly for amusment, nutritional value or large financial gain.... not forgetting to help save the walrus
"munch that faeces and I'll let you have my mahunay"
by pouip December 01, 2003
a very nice way to decorate your front room

that was rather spunkarific care for some tea nad crumpets after the cricket
by POUIP January 15, 2003
a round little ball that ocasionally gives of smoke and stranga smells often found in the deepest rainforest of belgium eating hippopotamussys
oh my look at that strange fat ball of pie with a bong
by pouip January 15, 2003
gay little bent tosser who lives in a little mushroom in bulgaria and often has wet dreams about being the cabin boy on the hms vassaline
andrew watson
by POUIP January 15, 2003
to gimmble is to use ones testicles as dice in and illigal game of cards
would you please stop gimmbling in my face your spilling my apple juice everywhere
by pouip January 17, 2003
when you violently assault someone from the navy with a weinerscnitzel
aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh wuld ye quit hitting me with that thar sausison yer landlubber
by pouip January 16, 2003
a scary black man who once swallowed a hovver when he was young and also likes to eat avacados
oh look darth vader seems to be humping avacados over there and throwing them at people
by pouip January 16, 2003
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