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7 definitions by popcultureicon

a once great insult that hit the internet late 2003. While never reaching an annoying state of over use, it has now been put out to pasture due to it's use on the FOX series "the OC"
an ass hat is someone who still uses the term ass hat.
by popcultureicon March 24, 2005
360 306
plural form of ass hat
that is one big group of ass hats!
by popcultureicon March 23, 2005
9 2
A general response to anything stupid, preferably written in lower case and followed by a period

sourced from the infamous "All your base" flash animation.
"Hey everyone I like bananas!"

by popcultureicon March 20, 2005
10 14
Best lulz on the intarweb. Based in the north west USA where he sits on his computer and posts to eljay all day long.
Currently not a verb.
jameth dot livejournal dot com
by popcultureicon March 20, 2005
27 32
a statement of fact that can be truthfully spoken by any systems operator with root access.
BOFH: "I go back to the mail now, as something's bound to have happened. I do a grep on all mail files for the words "pregnant" and "family way", and post them anonymously to the local general interest newsgroup."

"I'm feeling a little out of touch with the current office politics, so I
grep the corporate email files for the words "body" and "love", then post
the juicier bits to rec.arts.erotica under "Seen on the nets"."
by popcultureicon March 20, 2005
3 12
1. an abomination that occours when an idiot tries to be cool.
2. Combining all of the negative qualities of ninja and pirate when in all
3. wishy washy bitches who should do themselves a favor and cease their sinful existence.
1. pinjas fail at life.
2. ninja and pirate should never ever breed
3. these poseursare foolish enough to belive that they are actually cool
by popcultureicon March 20, 2005
50 69
see: pinja
see also incompetent ass hats
pirate ninja fail at life
by popcultureicon March 20, 2005
14 54