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When all the nation on Earth nuked the shit out of eachother. Afterwards what few survivors there were lived in caves in Montana and spent their lives chugging whiskey until Zefram Cochran built a space ship out of a missile and brought back really smart friendly aliens who fixed everything
Russian guy: Oh, you want some vodka?
by poopsmith October 25, 2004
The time at which the bathrooms are most crowded, and not just the ladies room. Usually during intermissions and half time.
I had to wait an hour to do god's work... It was flush hour.
by Poopsmith January 13, 2004
In Xtreme badminton, when you crouch down and scream "SHITTLE COCK GNOME"! Your oponents crap themselves in laughter and you cry because you finally scored a point. Fuck you, I will not be skunked!
The shittle cock gnome was popularized by Andy Roth, a chubby fellow who fell over a net.
by Poopsmith April 08, 2003
The feeling of climax you receive when taking a diarhea. Can result in multiple waves and multiple orgasms.
Oh shit dude, after about the second or third wave of diarhea I felt so great. Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm I love my diarhea orgasms!
by Poopsmith April 19, 2003
When you go up to a party, get really drunk, and pass out on the toilet in mid-poop, causing the people to take you outside and hose you off.
That nasty pucket girl was just lying in her own shit. I was so disgusted. Ewwwwww
by Poopsmith May 29, 2003
In Xtreme Badminton, a move used to distract other oponents into thinking you're a badass.
Andy performed the Shittle Cock Slam! when he fell over the net
by poopsmith April 04, 2003
big ugly scary nigerian basketball player
by poopsmith May 02, 2003

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