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red phoenix is when a woman has her period and sheds the lining(bleeds) in another persons mouth
Jasons brother tottaly gave Jason a red phoenix last night, you can tell because his mouth is red and stinks of fish n' shit.
by pooonthetwobitebrowniepoo May 14, 2008
when two people are engaged in sexual intercourse and one squats in a crab like position over the other ones mouth while the person shits in they're mouth, while the catcher splooges on the shitters gooch.
Did you here Alex was Brown Crabbing Jason at the party last friday, i heared Ayrton's mom was pissed but she was releived because she got to paint it afterwards.
by pooonthetwobitebrowniepoo May 14, 2008
when some is stealing turds from your facility and storing them in airtight sealed containers under there bed to preserve them for later smelling.
Ayrton we all know your turd-burgelling our turds when we take shits, it's ok if you do we just want you to tell the truth.
by pooonthetwobitebrowniepoo May 14, 2008
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