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Often uses when talking about computer games, often rpg (rpg) games.
So, which lvl are u on?
by POE November 15, 2003
v. Quick, fast and in a hurry.
I'll be there to get you in a New York Minute.
by POE December 15, 2003
A term describing the smell of a restroom after sickness, or the air after flatulence occurs.
That was a real war crime. We're never going to Coldstone and Arby's in the same night again.
by poe February 05, 2012
Slack can be a short of SLACKWARE,
Slackware Linux, the kernel or operating system or os.


Slackware is the greatest Linux distribution ever!
- Are u using windows xp?
- Yeah :-(, it can't be any worse! How about u?
- Well, I'm using Slackware Linux! It doesn't blue screen like windows! HAHA Windows Sucks!
- Yeah it really does!
by POE December 23, 2003
so hawt 8===========D ~~~~~~~~~~ 0=
Remix has the biggest peen evar
by Poe March 16, 2004
comes from the geek word stavrou.

def: Little white penis sitting in the back of your CCNA class. He has a little mushroom head and ejaculates a milky white substance. He also likes to wear underpants on his head. Stavrou is a dangerous sex machine that has the ability to seduce any human being man or women.
Stavrou poked me in the butt last night!

Can I play with your Stavrou?
by Poe April 23, 2004
A black man that whips his penis out in front of jailbait. Origination from OT.
That nigga be mulestation.
by Poe March 04, 2005
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