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A fictional superhero with the ability too wreak havoc on mens lives, fortunately she only works 4 days a month.
"oh shit its PMS avenger duck and cover."
-spits flame out of mouth and bitch slaps innocent bystander.
by Plotbert January 29, 2008
A person responsible for ruining the Subaru WRX's image. these people can be seen at your local mall/shopping center driving around in circles over revving the shit out of their 4 cylinder turbocharged engine in a pathetic attempt to compensate for their microscopic penis. new era hat flipped backwards, sideburns< fart exhaust + squeaky blow off valve score them bonus WRX bat points.
WRX bat "please give me attention, I have no life and a tiny penis, someone please kill me". -classic WRX bat
by Plotbert February 01, 2008
a gigantic monster that turns boys into men with the flick of its wand.
"oh shit its pubertus".
by Plotbert February 01, 2008
A jew with a ton of steez, most commonly applied to people who do freestlye snowboarding. Style+ease+Jew=steezberg
Jew #1 "holy kishka did you just see Zach Plotkin pull that sick 1080, he should change his last name to steezberg.

Jew #2 " that was so insane I almost lost my yalmulka."
by Plotbert January 29, 2008
The political equivelant of a cock block, when a presidential candidate gets totally dogged by a political caucus, thereby hindering there campaign for presidency and future global domination.
" poor Hillary she just got another caucus blockus during her 08' campaign".
by Plotbert February 03, 2008
when designers or paint companies choose to label colors with cute and exotic names that clearly defy the actual name or nature of the color, most commonly applied to different hues of one main color.
" hey honey do you think we should paint our room tequila, key lime pie, or matte boogar".

"how about we just go with green".

just go to your local paint store and look at all the yuppie colors, you'll be amused.
by Plotbert February 03, 2008
A person who is very stingy about their herb, they never offer it to anybody (clearly defying stoner etiquette) however they are always there to bum a hit off ya whenever possible.Furthermore they are usually total dick weeds that are always very quiet and contemptuous to strangers, and are always making lame cliche remarks to every word a normal bystander says.
normal bystander: "ya dude I think im going to go to school up in Montana".

stingy stoner (steve): "what are you like gay or something, do you like brokeback mountain".

normal person: " um,..do I even know you?"

thats a stingy stoner in a nutshell
by Plotbert February 01, 2008

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