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A hypnotic ass that makes your eyes follow involuntarily.
Darn, that new girl at the back of the class is one hot sexybum!
by plasmafury March 16, 2010
Someone whose only interaction with women is when he is wanking, thinking about them.
S: "I don't talk to girls!"
Y: "Meh, such a wanker!"
by plasmafury May 25, 2010
Girl Masturbation.
The room was dark enough for me to play my guitar even with all those people around.
by plasmafury June 09, 2011
Training underwent by girls with fake tits and guys with fake dicks to make sure their implants don't fail them (and burst) when they try something vaguely related to sex
V: "Fuck man, me and S were foolin 'round y'day night and suddenly her implants burst!"
P: "That's what she gets for never going through implant training!"
V: "Colleges should make that shit a required course man!"
P: "Totally!"
by plasmafury May 20, 2010
Someone who tries to add an insult to the end of every sentence in the hope that people find him funny.
P: "You're a smartass"
R: "No, I'm not, you fucking retard!!!!!!!"
P: "QED"
by plasmafury March 28, 2010

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