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The pairing of Sonic the Hedgehog and Alix Henriol.
Sonalix is the most famous robophile couple!
by pixel June 22, 2006
Someone sexually attracted to video game characters or in love with a video game character.
A gameophile is like:

"Princess Peach is so sexy!!I masturbate over her nights and days!!!"
by pixel June 18, 2006
chris' massive man tits
arnt they sexy!
by Pixel August 13, 2002
A legendary forum on the Internet, many stay, but few leave, and those that do leave, always return...
I'm going to post something random and altogether shite on AzuK.
by Pixel June 20, 2004
garbage, wack
that shit is garbelle dawg, mad wack.
by pixel March 12, 2004
wack, stupid, garbelle
these east coast words are wackola dawg, west stand up!
by pixel March 12, 2004
As in 'Pacman' famous computer game character who was nothing more than a yellow circle with a slice cut out of it. Didn't rap at all therefore was never shot. But seemingly was addicted to some form of chemical drug, which gave him the feeling of being superior and seeing ghosts.
Dude! Look over there! That's Pac, man!
by Pixel January 14, 2005

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