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4 definitions by pissflaps mcnulty

A great-looking chick who's great in the sack.
Dude, Jill is a serious fuckdoll.
by Pissflaps McNulty March 19, 2004
The Flab Stab is the mistaken thrusting of your penis into the folds of flesh in a larger girl's thighs or buttocks rather than into her vagina. This typically only occurs at the moment of initial penetration, and hopefully only occurs when one is quite drunk.
"Dude, I'm embarrassed to say it but I took Brenda home last night and while I was trying to pork that fat slut I gave her the flab stab."
by pissflaps mcnulty March 06, 2007
furious, ready to explode with anger.
"My boss went cano when I told her to suck my dick."
by Pissflaps McNulty February 25, 2004
Horny, and eager to fuck rather than masturbate.
I'm just a fuckhappy dude right now.
by Pissflaps McNulty November 11, 2006