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Horny, and eager to fuck rather than masturbate.
I'm just a fuckhappy dude right now.
by Pissflaps McNulty November 11, 2006
Very horny. Highly sexually excited.
Could also refer to one's famous promiscuity.

Gets its form from the term "trigger happy" and as such can be used with identical versatility.
"Baby, you make me so... I don't want to say "horny" because that sounds too vulgar. Fuck-happy. You make me SO fuck-happy."

"Why did you and Rick split up?" "Let's just say that prick got a little too fuck happy around my sisters."
by Scott Wood - April 15, 2009
to climax (through, sex, masturbation, or other) more than 10 times within a 24 hour period.
Chris's party was more of an orgy, it was the first time I've ever pulled a fuckhappy.
by FatalGlory128 November 15, 2006

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