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does NOT help pick up girls..
sample pick up lines:

(point to pants) are these felt? (rub them) they are now.

those pants look good on you, but they'd look even better on my bedroom floor.

is that a mirror in your pants because i can see myself in them.

if i told you that you had a nice body, would you hold it against me?

do you believe in love at first sight, or should i walk by again?

can i read your t-shirt in brail?

you make paris hilton look like a teletubbie.

drop 'em! (ha that's the best one)

i'd look good on you.
by pinkslips April 09, 2007
a female plastic thing with too-large boobs, too-small waist, and painted on underwear. it is scientifically known that anyone with boobs that large and a waist that small would topple over as soon as they stand up.

i liked to cut all her hair off when i was a kid.
dad: why are there always naked barbies laying around the house??
by pinkslips April 09, 2007
phrase made up by paris hilton and nicole richie. probably one of their only good phrases (well at least it's fun to say) haha
A (holding up a pair of jeans): do you love it?
J: loves it.
by pinkslips April 09, 2007
water from the clouds. and therefore from the gods..
smartwater is electrolyte enhanced water that is purity you can taste and hydration you can feeeel
by pinkslips April 09, 2007
a smart, interesting, opinionated girl. she is not an alcoholic, druggie, or easy because not all girls at saint marys are that way. she may be spoiled, but she's not bitchy. and girls at broughton are just jealous because they lose all they guys to saint marys girls. HA!
broughton girl: i don't know how y'all can survive without guys. it's kind of sad actually because it makes all of you so desperate and easy.

saint mary's girl: no, it's okay. we're doing fine with your guys.
by pinkslips April 09, 2007

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