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When your having sex on the beach and u dip your penis into sand then put in into a females vagina or anus, therefor making her scream
yo i was fucking her on the beach and i gave her a screaming pelican
by Pimp jamie B June 27, 2009
to run as fast as you can
Tony: Shit, its da cop!

Me: Run like a mother fucker!
by Pimp jamie B June 27, 2009
1) a shithole town in nsw australia.

2) a shithole town in general
Me: where are you from?

Tom: Cobar

Me: What a shithole!


Me: where are you from

Tom: New York

Me: new york is such a cobar
by Pimp jamie B June 27, 2009
To crack a joke
Kyle: Hey Jamie.b, crack a funny

Jamie.b: *Insert joke here*

Kyle: Lol
by Pimp jamie B June 27, 2009
tits, breasts
i grabbed her massive tar tars
by pimp jamie b June 28, 2009
1) Highly shit vehicles

2) Holden's shit'ist vehicles
Check out my new hsv, it will get its arse kicked by a fpv for sure!
by Pimp jamie B June 27, 2009

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