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Removed from a game or removed from play; can be applied to any situation where one is not permitted to participate in an activity.

Derived from the sporting world where players often sit on a bench when not playing. A player can be benched for many reasons including but not limited to: playing or performing poorly or sucking, disobeying the coach or leader, unsportsmanlike conduct, not following the game plan, showing up late, etc.
Coach says I'm benched because I can't catch today.

Man I thought I had a chance with that cute girl over there but she totally benched me.
by pihmpdaddi May 28, 2008
A term used typically to describe a team of people consisting of fewer than the usual number attributed to that group. It can be applied to any similar situation.

Derived largely from the hockey world where players sit on a "bench" when not playing (see benched) and occasionally field a team with fewer teammates than ideally necessary, either due to players not showing up for the game or by the coach's decision.
Even though our playoff finals were on a holiday weekend, we won our championship game despite the short bench.

Due to the last long weekend, we have a short bench at our beach house this coming weekend.
by pihmpdaddi May 28, 2008
The level of capability for a group or organization to complete a task or set of tasks in a given amount of time.

Coined by my co-worker at a design review meeting with a supplier.

Could also be “manwidth.”
#1a: Brittany Spearsimage is in the tank. She needs to take some time off and revamp her style.
#1b: Dude, no PR firm in the world has the mandwidth to resurrect that hoochie.

#2a: I can’t handle any more group homework assignments, my group just doesn’t have the mandwidth to finish everything before finals.
by pihmpdaddi December 17, 2007
n. a balled up bunch of tissues used to clean up the ensuing remnants of sex.
Alex: Dude, I know you slayed her on my bed. And you didn't even wash my sheets. Nasty, man!

Jeremy: What are you talking about. There's no way you can prove it.

Alex: Bro, I don't leave my fuckwads in my trash can, you rtard. So that leaves one other person...mad props for boning Emily though...she is sweet.

Jeremy: You get my bed next weekend dude!
by Pihmpdaddi October 10, 2006

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