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The housing developments (or clusters of developments) full of McMansions - the psuedo-stylish and usually over-sized and under-built homes. These are most commonly found in the outlying suburbs surrounding cities, but occasionally small McMansionvilles will appear inside a city.
That used to be all farmland there, but over the past couple years it's been turned into a McMansionville
#mcmansion #house #housing #suburbs #urban sprawl
by phxphun1 November 24, 2006
Call Center term - the act by an agent of putting a caller on hold as punishment for being stupid or otherwise annoying. Duration of penalty hold is a function of how irritating the caller is being.
Caller: well I want you to bla bla bla because I'm important and you're just a peon and bla bla bla...

Agent (smiling): Just a moment, Ma'am, let me see what I can do for you (places call on hold)

Cube-mate: Hey, are you on break?

Agent: Naw, I've got a caller on a five-minute penalty hold.

- - -

Agent 1: Don't you hate it when they start demanding shit like they're entitled?

Agent 2: Yeah! I usually give them at least three minutes penalty hold.
#call #call center #csr #agent #support #tech support
by phxphun1 August 01, 2008
Brand name of portable music player, usually owned by people who want to look cool and pretend they are better than owners of other (often equavalent or even superior) similar devices.
Wow, gotta get me a new Eye-Pud.

Didn't you just buy one last week?

Yeah, but a new one just came out - I wouldn't be caught dead with that old one now. Everybody would think I'm a loser - almost as bad as if I had a better player but from a different brand.

Yeah, it's gotta be a gen-yoo-ine Eye-Pud, and the latest model, too, or it ain't shit.
#ipod #i-pod #apple #mp3 #music
by phxphun1 July 31, 2008
Nickname for John McCain, Republican senator from Arizona and 2008 presidential candidate.
Old Chipmunk Cheeks just came out with a new Obama-bashing commercial that only makes him appear to be even more lame than he already is.
#politics #candidate #president #nickname #proper noun
by phxphun1 July 31, 2008
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