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A cool game which destroy lives.
It also have some sort of unknown magical device that slowly makes your gaming skills sucky sucky in all other games, and makes you want to play morrowind more and more and more and so you go on and then you.. err.. anyway, it rocks.
"My acrobatic skills are so pwwwhhhnage, that I should be able to leap across this deadly swamp," Johnny thought after being addictive to Morrowind for 2years.

"I wonder if that tower guard got some good weapons. I just quicksave and kills him," Bob thought at his school trip to england.
by phur riil August 21, 2003
Its a hand, and, its the left one..
smack you up with my LEFT hand.
Lets shake left hands.
by phur riil September 01, 2003
Its "teh" "leet" language which actually says dude .
d00d j00r s0w phhhwned while j00r standing d00ding ow3r th3re.. Come t00 us 0th3r d00dz and d00d togehter wiht us. And wihle j00r @ it, can j00 pelliz type correct?
N0 d00d, cus Im a d00d, and taeht is just s0w fakking d00die-li-d00d
by phur riil September 01, 2003
l33t phur real.
1 g0tt4 k33p it riil!
j00r n0t riil d00d!
by phur riil September 01, 2003
l33t for 'for'.
The F goes into a PH and therefor spells PHur.
other; phack, phoenix, phil, philosophy, phamily. j00 name it
Phur riil!
Phur Phuck Sake!
by phur riil September 01, 2003
Its pancakes made of (GUESS WHAT??)..... yes, plastic...
Eaten by gay people, like the flintstones..
thegay-mmmm, that was ONE good plastic panecake!
straightdude- you liked them? dude, yer gay! (wow, thats one smart straightdude)
by phur riil September 16, 2003
Its 'teh' leet way to say You.
It may seem that 'l33t's like to fakk around with words, and in my belief, Y is a very capable letter to change (just like F)
ph00 j00 t00!
j00r such a ph00kking w4nker!
4ll j00r b4s3 ar3 belong t00 |_|5!!!1one
by phur riil September 01, 2003

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