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noun. the unusual creature that embodies something ridonkulous. examples include a boxing kangaroo at Six Flags or an anteater at college.
"Look, Caity, it's a deer on it's hind legs!"
"It's a ridonkulae!"
by phung December 24, 2008
adj. describing a totally relaxing environment; a more extreme version of "chill"
"Were you at Jonathan's kickback yesterday?"
"Yea, it was jans"
by phung December 24, 2008
similar to "fuck," but used for especially bizarre and/or childish situations
What the F MONKEY is those rainbow leather pants?
by phung March 02, 2008
adj. short for 'stupid'
"dude, he just ran in front of a car"
"that's real stoop, yo"
by phung December 11, 2008
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