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1. (n) A person who is attracted to the Emo lifestyle, but isn't necessarily Emo themselves.

2. (n) A person (usually female) who will do anything to get close to a member of a shitty Emo band (i.e. My Chemical Romance)after a concert.
1. Guy #1: "Oh man, Jaime is so hot... I don't know what it is about the black hair amd excessive eyeliner.."

Guy #2: "You must be an Emo-Groupie or something."

2. Girl #1: "OMGOMGOMG!! IT'S (Insert faggy Emo band member here) OMG!!!"

Girl #2: "Would you calm the fuck down!? You are a serious Emo-Groupie..."
by phroot August 21, 2008
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