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Not doing anything in particular because you have nothing to do or in an attempt to kill time.
The game doesn't start for another hour so I guess I'll just be fucking the dog until then.

My boss is going to be pissed off when he finds out I was fucking the dog all day.
by phreak_1983 January 01, 2006
Pussy lips bulging out of clothing. Usually used when the clothing is blue.
Kara has a nice dolphin beak in that blue thong.
by phreak_1983 September 17, 2003
Another name for pussy lips seen through clothes. Called a "Homer" because if you look at it sideways the lips look like Homer Simpson's mouth
Wow! Did you see her pussy?! That is a Homer!
by phreak_1983 September 17, 2003
A stupid organization that tries to convice people to stop smoking.
Did you see that Jel commercial? God damn it was annoying!
by phreak_1983 May 25, 2003
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