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2 definitions by philldafunk

1.To hold somthing for a long time ie. a sweet..
2.Not to share somthing
3. To use ones slab to swang through all lanes on a particular road. ]
4. can be used in references to hoggin' anything
ie. the mic, a sweet, the lane etc...
Where I come from we often substitute the word slim thug, or thugga for the term boss hogggin'.. cuz we know that he represents the boss hogg outlawz rap group
"say mane quit boss hoggin the sweet"
by philldafunk June 08, 2007
157 27
Another name for any sort of law enforcement, mainly because while you're out minding your business they're always hatin. Whether it's busting your party, or pulling you over on a hotbox session. They get pleasure out of ruining your day, that is unless you need them :\
Yo put out that sweet here come some haters.
by philldafunk November 21, 2007
102 84