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see the above definition for homodo
The boys tackled Grant to the ground for his birthday and each proceeded to place their foot on his genitals and rev it up like a motorcycle. "vrooooooom, vrrrrooooom!" they chanted during the homodo ritual. Meanwhile Tim thought to himself "I'm sad. I wish it was my birthday every day."
by philbert February 16, 2005
Korean term for boys playing a chicken game with just how far they get with each other without actually being called gay.
The women were quite disgusted when witnessing the homod displayed by jack when he slightly grabbed adam's penis.
by Philbert February 14, 2005
Word used to describe those "touched" individuals in our community who give the thumbs down to the use of the word borange.
Are you xenophobic or just anti-borange?
by Philbert January 05, 2005
An etremely rare creature which has been found is some remotre jungles of Colombia and southwestern Peru. This freak of nature is a standard moose with deadly laser sight capabilites. Precision guided and effective at very long ranges, the LaserMoose targets its prey from up to 8 miles away and charges it at speeds ranging anywhere from 80-120 miles an hour. The LaserMoose is extremely deadly and venemous, and should be treated with extreme caution. While the LMAC (LaserMoose Activist Club) may tell you otherwise, the LaserMoose is one of the ten most deadly creatures in the world. May God help any one who crosses paths with the LaserMoose!
"Sir, a LaserMoose is in the distance!"
"God help us boy! Take cover!!"
CRasH! BlasT!
by Philbert December 13, 2004
One that has insulted the human race by their stupidity and should be taken off this earth for their own good.
Alfred got an F on the Health quiz again, he's really Quacky Spam if I've ever seen it.
by Philbert November 25, 2003
a huge amont cocaine snorted within two or three hours of purchasing
I scored some don johnson last night so that is why i'm calling you from jail.
by philbert August 24, 2004

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