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Reaching the age of realization that you are only Big Box greeter employable.
After receiving my 50th rejection letter I had a Senior unemployment moment and knew it was time to apply to where all senior greeters have gone before.
by Phiddy January 05, 2010
Client who repeatedly needs help and attention.
Sorry, I can't help you right now, I'm with one of my best pestomers.
by phiddy January 15, 2010
The vessel you are still adding your creative genius to, even though you are almost at the SSI golden age.
I was finally published (not paid), but it will still look great in my portoldlio.
by phiddy January 12, 2010
The feeling you get when spam starts appearing in your in box after recently giving your email to a company or business or service, as part of contact information.
Ruth: Oh no..I am getting some wierd spam..I bet it was from giving my email to that company when I was l getting estimates for my car repair.

Wayne: You are cybernoid, and think that everytime you give your email to anyone.
by phiddy February 12, 2010
The place to find employees to staff a front office.
First Patient: Did you ever notice how receptionist's have no personality ...? ...Where do they find such people??

Second Patient: Oh, they get them from Craig's Lobotomy List.
by phiddy February 19, 2010

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