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4 definitions by petetoth

"Thank You" in Russian without the funny Cyrillic writing.
- Would you care for some Vodka, Sergey?

- Spasiba, I would love some!
by petetoth March 17, 2009
When you expect things to be better with a new person and they turn out not to be. Usually the person is a politician, a new boss, or a new boyfriend.
"So much for the promised change. I was sure Obama would be the one."

"Oh well. Same shit, different assholes..."
by petetoth January 05, 2010
The Mother Of All Depressions. The biggest Depression ever.
It's no recession. It's a depression. In fact it's The MOAD!
by petetoth March 20, 2009
Something so cheap you say "Jesus!"
Jesus! Twelve bucks for that? That's Jesus-cheap!
by petetoth March 16, 2009