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4 definitions by petetoth

"Thank You" in Russian without the funny Cyrillic writing.
- Would you care for some Vodka, Sergey?

- Spasiba, I would love some!
by petetoth March 17, 2009
77 33
When you expect things to be better with a new person and they turn out not to be. Usually the person is a politician, a new boss, or a new boyfriend.
"So much for the promised change. I was sure Obama would be the one."

"Oh well. Same shit, different assholes..."
by petetoth January 05, 2010
27 5
The Mother Of All Depressions. The biggest Depression ever.
It's no recession. It's a depression. In fact it's The MOAD!
by petetoth March 20, 2009
13 10
Something so cheap you say "Jesus!"
Jesus! Twelve bucks for that? That's Jesus-cheap!
by petetoth March 16, 2009
4 1