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The deadliest martial arts move on the face of the planet. It occurs when the testes of a man are clenched (clamped) within the fist of another man whilst two fingers are simultaneously forcefully inserted into the anal cavity. This causes extreme discomfort and excruciating pain, including intense purpling of the face and the crossing of eyes. Contrary to popular belief, it is not gay.
1) "Man did you see Ruw get clamped? Did you see his testes get clenched and his face get purpled, causing extreme discomfort and excruciating pain?"
2) The clamp isn't gay, shut up.
by peterlee01 May 09, 2008
a homo bearded artist who loves to cook and paint homo things
yo did you see ruw at art school? hey paulie!
by peterlee01 May 09, 2008
a technique to pick up girls when intoxicated. it involves falling off a couch and one-arm tackling an inebriated female, with the intent of sexual contact. it doesn't really work, and it's kinda pathetic
dude did you see that mo tackle? it was pathetic. hey billy!
by peterlee01 May 09, 2008
a very brave rat. he was left on ruw's doorstep, an orphan rat baby, and was subsequently given to mark and released in the wilderness. they say on a cold, dark night you can hear him nibbling, nibbling, nibbling.
"dude did you hear poopstank? he was nibbling all night long. it was really cold and dark"
"hey did see ducci clamping ruw? that shit was meowser. hey poopstank!"
by peterlee01 May 09, 2008
1) coke and snow mixed together and ingested by shovin your face in the snow
2) people, anyone
3) a campsite/fort
4) a jubilant exclamation
1) mmmm, meowsers!
2) hey meowser!
3) let's go to fort meowsers!
4) meowser!
by peterlee01 May 09, 2008
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