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Someone of low intelligence, who if not flipping burgers and offering "is that large", will be working in greggs serving low grade offal to single mothers who force sausage rolls down their 2 year old childrens necks.
Ohh look at her, she is a right pie crimper
by Perruzo December 07, 2009
Cross between a chobba and a wanker
"Look at this guys driving - what a chobbler"
by perruzo October 07, 2009
Someone who is always making snide little digs to try to make themself feel better. Normally a person who has a overflated opinion of their own (non existant) skills.
Often come in groups of similarly small minded kids who try to defend each others snake like actions. Generally found on forums only, as in real life they would have had their teeth & noses rearranged by now.
Why are you being a chobblerlatus to me? Making snide comments about me when i have not said anything about you?
by perruzo February 07, 2011

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