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4 definitions by perogi

When you try to fart but end up shitting in your pants.
Carlos and I were hanging out in the hotel room when Carlos lifted a cheek and squeezed one out. Unfortunately it sounded wet. Carlos gambled and lost.
by perogi February 02, 2007
76 8
Anything extremely tasty. Can be used for food or people.
See that flavulous chick eating that hotdog?
Yup, I felt it deep in my soul.
by perogi August 06, 2006
6 2
Similar to a recording contract except the artist is horrible. A mixture of Fecund and Recording Contract.
As seen on VFTW: "You people are nothing but LOSERS. What a waste of humans. You are nothing but retarded no bodies. Fuck all of you to hell. Pricks. Guess what?Pia will have a fecording contract within a week. Pussy paulo will go no where. What a bunch of assholes."
by perogi April 08, 2011
1 1
When Mana Permits Used frequently in Everquest when you ask for a buff but don't want to sound pushy.
Hey can I have a SoW, wmp?
by perogi June 26, 2006
5 17