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Windows Media Player
I'm gonna go watch some pr0n on WMP.
by foshizzle June 11, 2003
Wetting My Pants. Similar to LOL and ROFLMAO
That joke you emailed me was so funny I was wmp
by Scotchwipe September 02, 2009
A Weapon of Mass Pwnage, an item, object, or possibly person, that is used to completly destroy or dominate someone in a something, usally a game.
"Man that guy is killing the crap out us"

"Yeah he made that AK a WMP"
by Dave Carl June 24, 2009
short for "Windows Media Player", a retarded media player made by microsoft wich is needed to view the even so retarded WMV, and rebuffers all data when you hit pause.
yo nigga i wus tryin' to view some of them ill-ass fittycent videos, but my windows media player wus fucking that shit up again. Ima be lookin for some phat .MOV files now, bitchv
by baos December 12, 2003
When Mana Permits Used frequently in Everquest when you ask for a buff but don't want to sound pushy.
Hey can I have a SoW, wmp?
by perogi June 26, 2006
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