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Under anal intercourse, put your finger up her anus, then draw your finger over her upper lip, giving her a brown stripe resembling a mexican revolutionist mustache. Thus "Dirty Sanches"
I gave her a DIRTY SANCES yesterday, and she started a revolution on me!
by per March 10, 2005
Swedish for brown eye, i.e the asshole
I saw Henrik Schyfferts brunöga in the melody festval!
by per March 10, 2005
Fat Nigger Cock In Rectum, a situation that is totally fucked up! Compare with fubar. Swedish acronym reads Fet Neger Kuk I Röven.
When your out on patrol and Charlie throws a suprise ambush, you better have your M-16 loaded or you'll stand there with FNCIR.
by per March 12, 2005
Swedish for fet neger-kuk i röven!
A situation totally fucked up and very unpleasant!
When you run out of ammo in a gunfight you'll, then it's fnkir.
by per March 12, 2005
Spanish meaning "go with god", typiclly used before ending a helpless victims life with a 9 mm round inside his forehead!
Vaya con dios, man <KA-BLAMM>
by per March 11, 2005
Hubie is a term used to define someone who uses a hub rather than a router. It's usually used in a negative connotation since routers are usually more secure and offer better bandwidth.
Programmer: "I just got a new hub!"
Programmer2: "You're such a hubie"
by Per March 11, 2005
is the universal word like yo
dude what do you mean?
by Per March 01, 2005

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