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awsome band with heartfilled and awsome lyrics.
I'll show you mine if you show me yours first
Let's compare scars, I'll tell you whose is worse
Let's unwrite these pages and replace them with our own words......

we live on front porches and swing
life away, we get by just fine on a minimum wage
if love is a labour i'll slave to the end- i wont crss this street until you hold my hand!

awsome lyrics
by Penny January 12, 2005
a nice person to chill with
We kicked it with the slacker from down the street
by Penny December 14, 2002
Of or pertaining to umrats - an advanced form of weblife. Umrats can be found within uk.media.radio.archers, a newsgroup for those who might listen to The Archers
YANAOU - an umratic expression of shared self interest
by Penny February 19, 2004
A mixture between hell and heck often used when a teacher is walking by in the fifth grade.
What the helck does that hoe think she's doing with my man?
by Penny April 12, 2005
a word used to define a person or object that is considered chic or high quality or lives within a higher standard. "Clicky"
A person who has alot of penashe
by Penny October 28, 2004
1. monsterous creature generally 5'2" tall. Often found rampaging kitchens and/or computers.
EEk! there is a she-zilla in my pastry!
by Penny February 21, 2005
A loaf of bread with a cat face on it that has the innate ability to sing. Known from www.e-thug.net
When Aaron heard the Kitty bread, he got on some girl faster than a Catholic priest on a choir boy!
by Penny March 06, 2004
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