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prefix used to denote someone who is obviously gay but hasn't "come out of the closet" yet.
"Mikah, your pants are sagging too low. Pull them up. (gay)Todd just parked over there next to Wade."

"Geeze (gay)Todd, for someone who's spent the last 19+ years in a closet, you've got a pretty good tan!"
by peeweesherman March 21, 2009
Puerto Rican Fabio
I saw PRF combing his hair and I said "Yo PRF! How come they call you 'PRF?'" to which he replied, "I'm not even Puerto Rican dude, I'm French and Spanish, haha."
by peeweesherman March 20, 2009
1. Although there's still debate about the true meaning of "DSK," it's once been said that it stands for "Do Some Kickflips." However, careful observation of those who say this implies that it means something other than this.
2. Possible spin off of the skateboard company "DGK," which stands for "Dirty Ghetto Kids." This might imply that DSK stands for "Dirty Suburban Kids"
by peeweesherman March 21, 2009

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