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fat upper pussy (or penis) area. The area of fat commonly found on obese people directly above the gentals.
Marie is so fat she has three belly rolls plus a gnarly fupa.
by peelincaps February 05, 2010
A slow-witted person with an abnormally large head.
Paul is such a boulder head.
by peelincaps February 05, 2010
dingleberries attached to the hairs on ones gooch.
Damn, I need to shower cuz I got mad gooch nuggets.
by peelincaps February 05, 2010
A long, log shaped turd.
Did you see the log jam in the men's room? There's a huge dookielog in the toilet.
by peelincaps April 09, 2010
What intravenous drug users say when they want to shoot drugs without drawing unwanted attention.
Hurry up Ron, let's get to the point already!
by peelincaps February 06, 2010
What druggies commonly call aluminum foil used for smoking, meth, cocaine or heroin.
Hey, I got some crystal for my homie, Burnt Reynolds.
by peelincaps February 06, 2010
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