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superheroe, that lives near the valencia sambil, that goes on a skate, and has only one hand, his superpowers, are: "asking limosna, at an incredible high speed", "coñeazear a los carros, with his ultra strenght"
"mierda marico, ese mocho es un mamaguevo, viste todo el rial ke pide en un dia???", "mochooooo, mochoooooooouugh", "verga ese mocho cerca del sambil pobrecito", "marico se parece a nightcrawler won!!"
by Pedro January 20, 2005
she took my virginity in a portajohn
cori fucked me and liked it
by pedro January 10, 2005
If your are being dised by some one and you have no come backs say what ever!
Pedro V:Ross your so freaking gay!
Ross B:Yeah WHAT EVER!
by Pedro May 30, 2003
This is wen you get hit in the head with something.
"Did you just domerocker her?"
by pedro February 16, 2005
oh gabbys got a big butt
look at that badonki
by pedro November 14, 2004
a strange person, who is always "o_o" despite the things around him, has a gay long hair too, and looks lige girl xDDDD
"mierda marico, vistes ke esa tipa exploto de la sifilis ke agarro en una orgia con 234234 hobres???"

"kazuzu: o_o"
"kazuzu: omg, lol o_o"
by Pedro January 20, 2005
definition of a black people, someone extremely black, a very nice black person
"omg, you are such mayu", "caiese puto", "puto >.<!!"
by Pedro January 20, 2005

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