Top Definition
Catch phrase from the movie Napoleon Dynamite
That bike is flippin sweet!
by pedro January 06, 2005
utterly awesome, cool, outstanding. Also can be used to urge a conversation on. Originated from the movie Napoleon Dynamite.
Pedro: If I win the electon, you can be my secretary or something

Napoleon Dynamite: Flippin' sweet!

randomgirl1: I got you and I tickets to the next Warped Tour.

randomgirl2: That's flippin' sweet!
by gimmieyertots March 01, 2005
phrase used by lame kids who overues napoleon dynamite quotes. i don't know why they say it. that quote wasn't even in the movie.
hey man your shoes are flippin' sweet.
STFU you lame-ass. that isn't even in the movie.
by mini-day February 26, 2005
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