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1. To be sexually excited, to have a stiff penis. from the latin, arrectusit

2. In south america it can also mean to be angry all the time.

3. it can also mean in some slang situation to mean something to be spectacular.

1st example: "Just looking at that woman makes me arrecho"

2nd example: "that guy is always in a bad mood always arrecho."

3rd. "That truly was an arrecho show"
by Mr. Montoya September 09, 2006
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There are many definitions:
1) A person who doesn't take any crap from anybody
2) Something difficult or cool
3) To be angry
1.- Ese tipo si es arrecho - This guy sure has some balls
2.- Esto está muy arrecho - This is very difficult
3.- Hoy ando arrecho - I'm pissed off today
by Leo November 05, 2003
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Siempre estoy arrecho contigo. (by male to female)
Siempre estoy arrecha contigo. (by female to male)
by yeseniab November 30, 2006
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