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A person who enjoys the taste of cum and guzzles it from a man like they can't get enough no matter how fast they swallow it.
Those students at C.C. are such cumguzzlers in the cafeteria.
by pedro March 17, 2005
when something is more gay than gay. thus, makes it homo gay.
"Hawthorne High School is homo gay."
by pedro February 16, 2005
1.The mother of the red-headed jewish albanian.
2.Woman who's pornography alias is "Iliiterate Douche Towel"
3.A synonym for anal princess
4.A sex position where the woman tucks her feet behind her ears as a guy shits in her mouth
Midshipman 1 - "Hey, what'd you do last night?"
Midshipman 2 - "Nothin really, just gave some chick a 'Lerner's Mom.'"

I met this chick last night, she's a real Lerner's mom if you catch my drift.
by Pedro November 17, 2004
Catch phrase from the movie Napoleon Dynamite
That bike is flippin sweet!
by pedro January 06, 2005
Excrement. a poo
I just did a huge Grogen in the toilet
by Pedro September 15, 2003
Unfortunately this man is yet to be found. Lerner's Mom has had so much sex that it's possible Lerner's Father could be...
Sean Connery, Carson Daly, Muhammad Ali, EDI Cramer, Bill Clinton, or Uncle Ben (yea, the rice guy)
Midshipman 1- "Dude, wanna hang out tonight? A bunch of people are coming, even Lerner's Father."
Midshipman 2- "Really? I've never met him before."
Midshipman 1- "That's ok, neither has Lerner."
by Pedro November 18, 2004
A little piece of poop.
"Look out for the bumple!!"
by pedro February 16, 2005
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