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a genre of music that has emerged out of harcore music and been compined with emo, pop, punk, etc. to become an unpredictable, whisper to scream style that is above all emotionally, lyricaly, and musicly honest.
thursday, taking back sunday, the used, thrice, glassjaw, etc.
by pedro November 17, 2003
The one and only Ralph Gunnington the 3rd.
Sup gunn... what are you sayin' gunn?
by pedro September 28, 2004
the tunas" portuguese gang group
Manuel is a tuna. portuguese mobster mobster gangster
by Pedro August 31, 2004
to have hardcore sex with little children
r. kelly and a 14 year old girl
by pedro April 16, 2003
a very hott girl who i am goin to hang out wit sumtime. then we are goin to have hot sex. while she is talkin to her boyfriend on the phone. she likes to b shrimped " when a guy does her up the butt and sucked the shit out wit a straw"
what the fuck i fucked her and she wanted to b shrimped
by pedro January 10, 2005
The weenis attack is when 5 guys smack you with their weenises.
Harry fell asleep and he fell victim to a weenis attack... SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!
by Pedro April 04, 2005
to go do "it"
i'm going to go elope with my dog
by pedro November 13, 2003

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