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adj. meaning something that is cool by virtue of being clever or smart, often used to describe people.

Since Ginko Biloba is reputed to make people smarter - somthing that is smart must come from ginko!
Peter is so ginko.
This car is ginko.
by Pedro April 12, 2005
A penis that cannot get hard.
I took this chick back to my place, but since I was so wasted my horse didn't jump. So we ended up passing out.
by Pedro September 29, 2003
Ugly girl
That chick is a mega doompa
by Pedro September 25, 2003
a crab or cootie contracted from a mexican whe having sex with one.
by pedro July 26, 2003
1. Mystery ingredient in Keystone's party mix.

2. Small pretzels.
1. Yo man, any midgee left in that party mix.

2. Dude, I bought a box of mini pretzels and you all the midgee.
by Pedro January 10, 2005
5 twins can be called cuffufflettes
shungi; nathan said you are a cuffufflette! lawrence is a cuffufflette.
by pedro November 28, 2004
A 1337 word describing joy or happiness
1.w00t w00t! I beat the shit out of that n00b!

2.oooooooooh! you got owned n00b! w00tage!
by Pedro May 30, 2004

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